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      If we are just animals, we are not just animals for very long, maybe 120 years max. What happens after is any ones guess. If we are just animals, what are animals? That we are just animals is just a belief like many other beliefs. This idea is a result of secular humanism that has promoted in our schools. The thing is if you believe we are just animals then you end up behaving and... Full answer More answers

  1. Are humans considered animals? | Discovery Kids

    Well, I wouldnt say all of you dress up! But seriously, are you asking if humans are animals? If so, the answer is yes-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s!!! Scientists describe ...

  2. Human Beings and the Other Animals

    Moral Animals Human Beings and the Other Animals Christine M. Korsgaard p. 3 will refer to as the moral asymmetry between our duties to our fellow human beings

  3. Are humans animals? |

    Are humans animals? Add a New ... Only humans can consider and regard themselves as animal. Thus only humans beings themselves can opposed the identification of being ...

  4. Are Humans Animals? | Answers in Genesis

    But we must be very clear that only human beings, not chimpanzees, ... Articles About Are Humans Animals? Should Animals Have Equal Rights as Humans? June 7, 2016.

  5. Yes, Humans Are Animals -- So Just Get Over Yourselves, Homo ...

    Yes, Humans Are Animals ... species out there that we might as well be a different order of being ... the idea that humans aren't animals are humans ...

  6. Are human beings animals? | Yahoo Answers

    Apr 15, 2010 My friend says no.I say yes.We have the same characteristics as other creatures on this earth, I believe we are animals.No matter how different we look or ...

  7. How Are Human Beings Different From Other Animals?Tough ...

    I can remember having this debate with my friend, Mike, when I was in college. He argued that humans are no different from other animals except for our larger

  8. Human - Wikipedia

    Unlike the limited systems of other animals, human language is openan infinite number of meanings can be ... adhere to the "creative impulse" of human beings.

  9. Other animals that hunt and eat the animal. The human being is part of the primate group that walks on two legs rather than than the usual four like most of the other primates, which is known as bipedal.

  10. Like animals. So, what are human beings? Why does God care about them? They are in some ways like God himself, yet inferior, yet crowned by God with honor and glory.